Yerba Mate
Taste of Middle East
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You may not be able to see the magic, but you will certainly be able to taste it.
Our specially crafted pyramid bags are filled with full tea leaves and pieces of fruit,
ensuring that your cup has a spectacular aroma to the very last drop.
LOYD Fruit Teas have the power to enchant any moment,
helping you discover the magic in all that surrounds you.
LOYD, the magic experience.
MANUKA's motherland is New Zealand, a country with an extremely clean environment.
Manuka Honey is one of a kind: very velvety in taste, but sharp at the same time.
The collection of Manuka Honey flavoured LOYD Tea in pyramid tea bags is an innovative edition of an ideally composed tea with a delightful flower aftertaste.
Yerba Mate
Is a drink created on the basis of evergreen tree which can be found in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.
Yerba Mate is a traditional drink of Guarani Quechua tribes.
It helps to beat the heat and is superbly refreshing, also stimulates the intellect. Try out our new line of Yerba Mate fruit infusions.
Taste of Middle East
The highest quality of black and green tea blended
with spices and herbs, dedicated for the middle-east customers.