International Food Corporation s.a.r.l, since its establishment and the starting of operations in Khalda, Lebanon in 2003, has been growing –by the minute in the Lebanese food and beverage industry. Specialized in the distribution and sales of food and other consumer products all over Lebanon, we were able to make our famous brands reach almost every Lebanese house. 

In an ever demanding Lebanese market, we always diversify our food and beverage production chains into unique fusions of local and outside brands and products triggered to satisfy customers’ craves. As thus distribution became our chief activity, after only a few years of establishment and operations IFC became a phenomenon, leaving its print on the Lebanese market and proving itself professional both locally and abroad.

our vision

As you know that behind every success there is a secret. The secret is honesty, quality, and experience. The features hitherto stated, if found in any company, it will be characterized by success. Before we were not interested in commercial products but now we need them because the local markets are now bigger and the trade name is not enough. Good price, availability and reliability are the three major reasons for people purchasing our products.
This the philosophy of International Food Corporation s.a.r.l since its founding, to make a positive differnce in the lives of its customer throught highly standardized products and services, yielding total satisfaction.
What Makes us different as a distributing Company is 10 points that summarize our philosophy:

1.Working side -by-side with its clients,IFC is dedicated to increasing the value and quality of its services.

2.Moreover IFC intends to provide more to the market by expending its portfolio of products in response to the changing needs of its customers.

3.We build hard work, enthusiasm, trustworthiness and aim for healthy food to all people.
4.Transparency with our clients.

5.Customize products and services up to the needs and interests of our customers.
6.Always diversifiying our production chains into unique solutions of local, outside brands and products triggered to satisfy customers craves for everything new and innovative thus achieving total customer satisfaction.

7.Accomplish high productivity levels through sound planning organization and teamwork.

8.Earn high employee loyalty and motivation by showing respect for their capabilities.

9.Gain recognition in the market for being highly professional, ethical and quality assured business.

10.Customer and tangible support 24 hours, 7 days.
International Food Corporation s.a.r.l, one of the newest additions to town, is the creation of spirited entrepreneurs whose mission is to saturate and cover, with their best priced and highly engineered and standardized expatriate and international brands, products and relating services, the needs of the local markets. Relying on our considerable commercial experience to achieve success, our in-depth knowledge of both the legal and cultural environment in Lebanon as well as the inner workings of the Lebanese’s distribution chains and despite challenges and fierce market competition the company was free to grow, and grow it did, opening and still opening new branches in Lebanon.

The company did exist and with these credentials at hand giving it the edge when faced with business challenges and becoming one of the top companies in brand and product distribution. The company’s mission is to combine traditional values of honesty and integrity together with providing reliable products, backed by highest quality customer after sales service, support and competence.
ifc team


Mr. Hisham El Khatib, GENERAL MANAGER 

Our marketing and research & development (R&D) departments work to satisfy your growing market needs and develop innovative products of international standards.


With over 5,800 stores across Lebanon, our organisation is built to last. Along with quality, affordable products, our customers receive confidence from the outstanding retail service and instruction provided by our knowledgeable sales team. We have many exciting opportunities in both the commercial business to business side as well as the retail customer-facing side.
Our sales team works to gain trust and customer satisfaction through commitment to the highest product quality and consistency standards.